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Lauren K. Dawood, LCMHC, NCC

I completed my Master’s internship with a non-profit counseling agency, where I gained experience working with children & adolescents as well as their families. I gained a large amount of experience working with couples and handling relationships concerns such as communication, intimacy, conflict resolution, lack of passion, etc.  

While completing my education, I worked for nearly four years as a Youth Director at a religious organization in Durham, NC. This provided extensive experience in working with children and youth, in a mentor-like relationship. A large component was building a safe and trusting relationship while promoting growth and healing.



My supervised professional practice as a counseling associate included a large amount of child and adolescent therapy; exploring emotional and behavioral issues, school & peer stress, sexuality, gender identity, self-esteem, anxiety, suicidal thoughts/intent, self-injury, depression, borderline personality disorder, ocd, mood disorders, as well as improving healthy and positive expression of emotion and coping skills.  

I also enjoy work with adults, addressing concerns related to career success, spirituality & religious distress, relationships, mood disorders, boundaries, anxiety, depression, OCD, borderline personality disorder, attachment issues, self-esteem, LGBTQ+, gender identity, sexuality, healthy coping with life stressors, and more.

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Training & Education


I am a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (License #10647) and a National Certified Counselor.


I earned my Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2011 from Campbell University, as well as my Master of Arts in Mental Health Counseling from Campbell University in 2013.  


In addition to my required clinical training, I have the following specialized training: 

Dialectical Behavior Therapy 2-Day Intensive, Dialectical Behavior Therapy adapted for Adolescents, Interpersonal Psychotherapy, Oppositional and Disruptive Disorders Treatment, Nutritional Therapy Certification, Creativity in Counseling, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional 2-Day Intensive, Suicidality, and the Faith Community, International Association of Eating Disorder Professionals 40 hour symposium 2021, Veritas Collaborative Eating Disorder Symposium 2020,  Mental Health Academy Suicide Summit 2020 and 2021, Internal Family Systems  Conference 2022, Internal Family Systems Online Circle 2023.

Currently pursuing a CEDS credential (Certified Eating Disorder Specialist) through continuing education, training, and supervision. 

Currently, part of an Internal Family Systems Training Online Circle (IFS Informed Therapist, not fully certified)


*Please note, I am continuing my education in Dialectical Behavior Therapy, but am not Full Model DBT at this time.* 



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My personal interests are spending time with my husband and family, volunteering, mission & ministry to underserved populations, photography, watching & listening to thunderstorms, baking, experimental cooking, decorating, enjoying the city of Durham, art, recycling, anything and everything related to Halloween, gardening, and spending time with my pets: my cats Cayenne Pepper and Hayley and my dog, Danny Duke.

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