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The environment, customer service and low wait time, were all high quality. On top of that, Lauren is great!! Thank you for all your advice so far!!!

-Cary, NC 

"I recently worked with Lauren for about 8-9 months before I moved to Maryland. I wanted to share my experience with her as a counselor. I highly enjoyed working with her. She is one of the most calm, nonjudgmental, caring, and hardworking therapists I have ever had. I would still be seeing her if I didn't have to move away. She works extremely hard and I could truly tell she cared for my well-being. It's not always obvious to know if a counselor cares about their clients, but I really felt important when I had sessions with her. I am a really stubborn and difficult person, but she never lost her calm and always knew how to react to me. She was such a great fit for me and I really miss her so much. She is so creative and there was never an awkward time. I'm not good with words so I might not have hit the extent of my appreciation for her, but I highly respect her and really valued my time with her. I really miss her a lot."- Raleigh, NC

"After having to cancel so many appointments, we talked to (our child) about whether we should just stop therapy.  He said he wanted to keep going and that it was helpful, especially when he is in school.  I thought that was really positive – I can’t imagine there are too many 13 year old boys who *want* to go to therapy!"

-Cary, NC

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